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About Jbcookware

The group owes its being to the efforts of Mr. Vijayraj, whose determination and conviction has made the company, what it is today. The guiding principles of Mr. Vijayraj have always been values and trust. In the words of Mr. Vijayraj himself, “A human being ceases to be one when he loses the trust of another.”
In December 2014, Unit 2 of JB Enterprises, JB Cookware, which manufactures stainless steel kitchenware came into existence.

Management Profiles

Most world cultures can hardly stake claim to a family institution as robust as the Indian culture. This unified family system gave rise to the concept of the family business, where the elders and the youngsters of the family are all engaged in a common enterprise. That is exactly how JB Enterprise works. We use the best engineering skills, raw material and manpower to ensure that our products are of high quality. Over the years we have established a leading brand, which enables our customers across the globe to discover wide range of Housewares. We bring the world to you – with the best international designs in houseware.

Our Vision

To create world class kitchenware, offer an unparalleled cooking experience and elevate the Indian kitchenware industry to unimaginable heights.
To this end, we endeavour to use the latest technology to create exceptional stainless steel cookware to provide unending joy to the astute customer. Our vision is to revolutionize traditional houseware and bring in elements of utility, luxury and class.

Our Mission

We believe in the amalgam of science and art. We believe that technological advancements can complement artistic pursuits.

We aspire to create a company driven on the wheels of values and ethics, a business venture which is true to the beliefs and principles of our Founders and which remains as a source of inspiration and pride for our future generations. We built trust of our customers globally by manufacturing the most prefered and safest food grade metal.

Our History and Value

Where It All Started –

Now a global ultra-modern entity, JB ENTERPRISE had rather humble beginnings. Shri J Bhawarlal Bohara in 1974 laid the foundation of a company that would soon dominate the international market spaces in the stainless steel segment. Our family business was started as a sole proprietorship firm in 1979, with the aim of producing peerless stainless steel kitchen utensils for the perusal of common man. His elder son, Mr. Vijayraj Bohara, took the lead in adding value to the company by means of technological innovation and growth.  Vijayraj’s brains made the manufacturing unit stand out from the rest and marketing skills and knack of connecting with people together transformed the company, from a small 4000 sq.ft manufacturer to a staggering 3 acres-large modern corporate unit.


Our Success Story

It was 2015, when the 3rd generation of the family, laid the foundation of JB Enterprises in MEPZ – SEZ, and within 2 years a state of the art & technologically advanced Stainless steel household manufacturing unit was started. The unit is spread over 3.5 Acre Land with about 800 employees at SIPCOT INDUSTRIAL PARK. The core values that have been passed down from years of serving quality, reliability, credibility, and adaptability have been transformed into a legacy of its own.


Our 2nd unit of JB Cookware commenced operations in December 2014. Since then, we have been committed to producing high-quality stainless steel kitchenware.

JB Cookware ventured into the manufacturing of stainless steel kitchenware, expanding its product range to provide customers with durable and reliable kitchen products.

Our management profiles are dedicated to using the best engineering skills, raw materials, and manpower to guarantee the high quality of our products. We take pride in offering international designs and maintaining a leading brand in houseware.

Our vision is to create world-class kitchenware, providing an unparalleled cooking experience while elevating the Indian kitchenware industry to new heights. We aim to blend utility, luxury, and class in traditional houseware.

Our mission is to earn the trust of customers worldwide by manufacturing the most preferred and safest food-grade metal kitchenware. We are committed to providing products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

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