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About JB Cookware

The group owes its being to the efforts of Mr. Vijayraj, whose determination and conviction has made the company, what it is today. The guiding principles of Mr. Vijayraj have always been values and trust. In the words of Mr. Vijayraj himself, “A human being ceases to be one when he loses the trust of another.” 

In December 2014, Unit 2 of JB Enterprises, JB Cookware, which manufactures stainless steel kitchenware came into existence.

Management Profiles

Most world cultures can hardly stake claim to a family institution as robust as the Indian culture. This unified family system gave rise to the concept of the family business, where the elders and the youngsters of the family are all engaged in a common enterprise. That is exactly how JB Enterprise works.

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Chairman and Managing Director

Mr. Vijayraj is the quintessential Indian entrepreneur who started his professional life as a small manufacturer of stainless steel cookware way back in 1979. Hailing from a small town in the backyard of India, he carved his own path in the face of unending impediments. Today, he is one of the most respected individuals in the manufacturing industry. A philanthropist, environmentalist, and believer in the strength of empowerment, Mr. Vijayraj’s legacy will always be the difference that he was able to make in the lives of innumerable individuals. A traditionalist who loves the modern way of life, he is a living testament of a man who cherishes age-old ethics and understands the worth of values in one’s life.



Mr. Vishal inherits his father’s entrepreneurial streak and perseverance. He is a commerce graduate and has charted out his vision to take the family business to greater heights. Vishal has a solid business experience of more than a decade behind him. His core competency is in Finance and IT and he has been working in the manufacturing field for 11 years. As the Director of Finance at Pradeep Stainless India Pvt. Ltd., he has the unenvious task of managing and mitigating the financial risks associated with the business, something that he does with élan and panache. His level-headed disposition makes him an astute observer and decision maker.



Mr. Pramod holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Liverpool, U.K. After graduating, he wanted to venture into a new line of business activity, rather than continue with the traditional family-run business. With a creative bent of mind, he loves experimenting with new ideas and sees them till fruition. His interests were channelled when he studied the home fragrance, perfumes, and cosmetics market and found an opportunity in it. He applies his veritable experience and unique expertise in the daily activities of JB Enterprises and is always keen to pursue novel ideas.

Mr. Mitesh


Mitesh is an engineering graduate with specialization in Electrical and Electronics from St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai. He has been involved in JB Enterprises since its inception and his engineering background serves him well in giving him a unique perspective to the functioning of the company. Mitesh is a fine amalgam of contemporary exuberance and even-tempered psyche. Taking a cue from his illustrious uncle and business mentor, Mr. Vijayraj, Mitesh has cultivated an extremely unbiased and open-minded disposition that helps him see both sides of a story.


To create world class kitchenware, offer an unparalleled cooking experience and elevate the Indian kitchenware industry to unimaginable heights.


We believe in the amalgam of science and art. We believe that technological advancements can complement artistic pursuits. To this end, we endeavour to use the latest technology to create exceptional stainless steel cookware to provide unending joy to the astute customer.

We aspire to create a company driven on the wheels of values and ethics; a business venture which is true to the beliefs and principles of our Founders and which remains as a source of inspiration and pride for our future generations.

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